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We offer our services to Indian Business Houses, Family-Owned Businesses, SMEs, and MNCs in both domestic and international markets. We offer a comprehensive range of manpower services: Board & Executive Search, Permanent Recruitment, Contractual & Temporary Staffing, PO, Global Recruitment, Payroll Management, and Training & Development.

Permanent Recruitment

Whatever is the kind, nature or type of business or organisational body, human capital is its need and strength. The ladder to success does not seem difficult with talented and loyal staff. We at SUPER understand the importance of permanent employees for a company and negative effects attrition can have on the company's success. Through our dedicated efforts we offer to fulfil permanent staffing needs of our clients.

Payroll Services

Payroll Management is about outsourcing payroll unction to an external partner. This is done to reduce the cost involved in systems and software needed to process the payroll and to be off legal responsibilities and formalities.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment is the most important and critical task performed at any company big, small, old or new. This practise of using time and resource is a significant deciding factor for company's success. A group of well selected and suitable employees work to take the business to pinnacles of success while reverse could lead to frequent attrition and waste of time and resources.

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Payroll Services
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